About Alouss


ALOUSS was born out of my passion and love for Chocolate. 

Although I come from a Psychology background and I always had a passion for counselling people, in 2016 after having my first child I decided to pursue my other passion… Chocolate making.
When I began delving into the world of chocolate making it became very clear to me that I had to make chocolate from the cocoa bean…the authentic way. 

It has been an exciting and adventurous journey full of opportunities and challenges and my passion and love for turning my dream into reality has kept driving me.
The flavour combinations of our Chocolate bars are inspired by my family and my childhood memories and each bar has been dedicated to a family member who inspired me. The ongoing love and support of my husband and family has ultimately been the foundation on which this company was built.

Since I was a child my family and those that know me really well have affectionately referred to me as Alouss, and so ALOUSS was born as it represents the heart of my brand.

I hope you enjoy my chocolate as much as I do.

Elsie Jahjah
Founder & Chocolate Maker