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How to Make Chocolate Bunnies


First you need to temper the chocolate, you can refer to our tempering blog here

Prior to tempering you should polish your bunny molds with a muslin cloth/cotton to remove any blemishes and fingerprints.

Once the chocolate is tempered fill each bunny mold (front and back) to the rim with chocolate and then tap the mold vigorously on the bench to get the air bubbles out, then tip out the excess chocolate into your bowl while tapping the sides of the mold with your scraper.

Keep tapping till most of the chocolate is out of the mould and a thin shell remains. Scrape the mold to remove any excess chocolate and then place face down onto a tray lined with baking paper.

Refrigerate for 10 minutes then repeat the process to get a second layer of chocolate into the mould so you have a thick layer.

After the second layer is done refrigerate for 15-20 minutes or when you see the chocolate has come away from the mold.

Heat up a metal tray in the oven and then place on your bench, then while wearing golves carefully place each half of the bunny onto the hot tray for a few seconds only to melt the edges then lift them off and stick them together to make your bunny whole.

Check out our video to see How to make Chocolate Bunnies