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How we Process our Cocoa Beans

How we Process our Cocoa Beans


The beans need to be cleaned to remove any unwanted debris and then sorted by hand to remove any poor-quality beans to ensure that only the best beans are transformed into chocolate.


Roasting is a very important step in developing the flavor of the beans. While the beans are being roasted a complicated set of chemical reactions help develop the chocolate flavor of the bean. Our beans are delicately roasted in small batches in our coffee roaster and a unique roasting profile is developed for each bean origin.


Once the cocoa beans have completely cooled down, we put the beans in the crackandstein, which cracks the beans and separates the husk which is the outer shell from the nibs which is the inside of the beans, we put them through the crackandstein a second time to reduce the size of the husks/nibs.


Then they go through the winnower which is connected to a vacuum and it separates the husks from the nibs, the husks go into a separate section and the nibs go into the bucket, the nibs is what we use to make the final chocolate.

Click on our video to see how we process our Cocoa Beans